Nanotechnology Platform Proposals (Application Overview)

4. Beamtime Allocation

This page provides information on allocated and scheduled beamtime.
After you acknowledge your scheduled beamtime, please carry forward the procedures along the "Application overview" with strict observance of our deadlines.

For the 2020A latter term (September 2020 to February 2021)

The scheduled beamtime and procedure deadlines are listed in the below "2020A Latter Term Beamtime at BL15XU" file.
  • A password is required to open the file. Please use the password that we have informed you.
  • Please check the row(s) which your proposal number(s) is/are shown.

Notes for the next steps
  • To see all procedures you must go through, please go to the "Application Overview" page.
  • For the SPring-8 Radiation Worker Registration Form, it is recommended that you begin preparation as early as possible.
  • Please complete all procedures according to the BL15XU Office deadlines.
  • Note that BL15XU deadlines differ from those shown on the SPring-8 UI website.

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