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High-resolution x-ray powder diffractometer

The high-precision powder X-ray diffractometer is installed in the 1st experimental hutch. The powder diffraction with Debye-Scherrer-type optics is mainly carried out for the sample packed into a capillary. High quality of powder diffraction data with sufficient intensity and higher angular resolution can be obtained even with shorter wavelength X-rays because of low dispersion X-rays from the undulator. For efficient diffraction data collection, multiple one-dimensional X-ray detector systems has been equipped. In addition an imaging plate detector can be occasionally applied for the experiment that requires two-dimensional diffraction data. The minimum step width of 2-theta is 0.003 degrees. The sample temperature can be controlled between 50 and 400K with N2 or He gas blow type sample temperature control systems. 5~20 minutes was required for one powder diffraction data measurement and the distributed beamtime for one experiment is 3 shifts on average.

High resolution x-ray powder diffractometer

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