Quantum Nanostructures Group
NIMS Photonic Materials Unit(PMU)

Review Papers


  1. Droplet Epitaxy Quantum Ring Structures
    S. Sanguinetti, N. Koguchi, T. Mano, and T. Kuroda
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  1. Growth of Nanowire and Nanobelt Based Oxides by Thermal Oxidation with Gallium
    Q. Yang, T. Yasuda, H. Kukino, M. Tanaka, and H. Tatsuoka
    Nanowires Science and Technology, 43-60, (2010)


  1. Advanced quantum dot and photonic crystal technologies for integrated nanophotonic circuits
    Y. Sugimoto, N. Ikeda, N. Ozaki, Y. Watanabe, S. Ohkouchi, T. Kuroda, T. Mano, T. Ochiai, K. Kuroda, N. Koguchi, K. Sakoda, K. Asakawa
    Microelectronics J. 40, 736 (2009)
  2. Self-assembly of quantum dots and rings by droplet epitaxy and their optical properties
    T. Mano, T. Kuroda, K. Kuroda, K. Sakoda
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  1. Electron beam induced deposition
    K. Mitsuishi
    Nanofabrication fundamentals and application (World Scientific) 377-399
  2. In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
    P.J. Ferreira, K. Mitsuishi, E.A.Stach
    MRS Bulletin 33