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Quantum Nanostructures

Quantum Nanostructures Group develops the fabrication technologies of semiconductor nanostructures like quantum dots (QDs) by means of MBE and MOCVD. We also study the growth mechanism of nanostructures by observing the atomic arrangements of growth surface with STM and RHEED.


Yoshiki Sakuma
Yoshiki Sakuma
Quantum Nanostructures Group
Group Leader

Quantum nanostructures are man-made nanometer-scale materials which consist of semiconductor heterostructures. When the charged carriers such as electrons and holes are confined into the nanometer region, several new physical properties are manifested due to the quantum size effect. The simplest nanostructure called quantum well has been already applied to laser diodes and LEDs. This leads to higher light-emitting efficiency and lower power consumption of these optical devices as well as the capability of wavelength control by changing the thickness of well. It is predicted that the device performance will be dramatically improved if a quantum dot structure, where the carriers are strongly confined in three-dimensional directions, is employed as an active element. In addition, some unique phenomena like single-photon emission are expected to emerge because of the discrete nature of energy levels. We hope to contribute to our society by developing novel quantum nanostructures and the relevant semiconductor devices.


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