Under Development

Under Development

Under Developement

As explained in the paper, graphic operation of pyZwx is a little bit heavy. This is due to the use of Matplotlib library. So, I'm developing new program without use of Matplotlib. Use of different library is effective to make up for the shortcomings of pyZwx. This developement is carried out by making my free time and searching a method of new library. Therefore, the progress of development is very slow.


pyZwx operation test was made on Ubuntu 22.04-LTS-Desktop installed in Rsberry Pi 4 Model B. Following figure looks like tight because I used a low resolution monitor. But pyZwx is correctly work well on Rasberry Pi. pyZwx binary freezed on Rasberry Pi will upload.


Implementaion of a function to set an initial guess by operation of interactive graphic-user-interface is now developping for pyZwx. The function was already reporetd using Igor Pro macro program. If you have legal commercial license of Igor Pro (Wavemetrics Inc, USA) and want to use that function, please contact to me.
K. Kobayashi, T. S. Suzuki, Electrochem., 88 (2020) 39-44. DOI:10.5796/electrochemistry.19-00058

However, new version of pyZwx having above function will be released in near future.
New version of pyZwx has been released at 22 January 2021.

Although pyZwx can display only one spectrum data because various plots of one data are displayed in one window, sometimes users want to check impedance graphs plotted multiple data in one window. This function is difficult to implement on pyZwx and therefore, another software is now developping having this function. Following figure is one demonstration of that. On this software, not only impedance data output by control software of various instruments but also fitted data by pyZwx will be displayed.

This program has been released as pyZMultiPlot at 22 January 2021.
  Overview of a developping software

GUI module (wxPython) used by pyZwx basically supports multple platform (Windows, mac OS, and some Linux distributions). I coded pyZwx without use of OS depending command and therefore, pyZwx source code could run on multiple operating systems (mac OS 10.15 (catalina), Ubuntu 20.04 LTS-desktop, CentOS 8, and Fedora 32-workstation). On the other hand, appropriate enviroment for development by Python for those OS. I show demonstration figures of pyZwx operating on various operating systems. These are demonstrations to show potential of pyZwx.

pyZwx on mac OS (10.15)
on macOS

pyZwx on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS-desktop (Linux)
on Ubuntu

pyZwx on CentOS 8 (Linux)
on CentOS 8

pyZwx on Fedora 32-workstation (Linux)
on Fedora 32

Attension:Some bugs on GUI were confirmed when pyZwx source code was operated on different OS from Windows, it is neccessary to revise the source code. The behavior of pyZwx on mac OS and linux distributions seemed to be unstable. In addition, construction of python environment to operate pyZwx is a little bit difficult for mac OS and linux distributions. Therefore, we could not sufficient test on thoes operating systems. At this stage, there is no plan to release pyZwx for mac OS and linux distributions.

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