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Research social activities:

Program Chair: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), 2011.

Regular review of scientific papers in the peer review journals since 2006-


Research social activities for other organizations:


LifeBoat Foundation, USA

Recently I have joined LifeBoat foundation. This organisation has brightest scientists of recent times including several nobel laurates who have taken active part in this organisation. I am also very much concerned about the genetic and molecular level manipulation of virus proteins. 


A time may come when one country will not require bombs, instead they will induce genetic modulation of a whole nation without any evidence. Weapons of mass destruction would be as silent as ever and within couple of hours wipe out whole nation. Defence to these weapons would be null.


At any cost we have to stop these acts and oppose any decisions of any government moving towards this direction. 


You may visit me in the scientific advisory board in the Nanotechnology section where I am in the lifeboat foundation.


International Institute for Informatics and systemics, USA

There are several societies in the world who can take benefit of artificial intelligence. If properly applied, artificial intelligence can change the society around us. The culture of earth, owing to its massive network through internet and fusion of ecologically distinct response to a single stimuli at different parts of the world.


In the coming days, cybernatics and synergy parameters are going to play a major role in defining the fundamentals of a neo-global society.


As a scientist we can not ignore our role in this movement.


Therefore, I have taken an active role in these societies.


Materials Research Society, USA

For long, materials research society is regarded as one of the largest materials science conference of the world. The society organises two conferences in a year one in sanfrancisco and another in boston.


The boston conference to my experience mostly addresses classical topics, and the san-francisco one addresses relatively advanced topics. But for couple of years a significant overlap has confused distinct features of these two conferences.


MRS conference is the home for the students, large number of students across the globe meets here. Large exposure is given to the students and therefore a very good place to motivate young graduates.


Simply being a member I have long been a silent supporter of this effort.


Materials Research Society, Singapore

MRS USA is overshadowed by MRS Singapore in terms of its glamour, strength and versatility. By attracting front-runners of almost every fields of nano-science, MRS Singapore has proved its cutting edge over MRS, USA.


There is long way to go. However, the begining seems to be very promising.


I am a member of this society.


The Physical Society of Japan
Eishin-Kaihatsu Bldg. 5F, 5-34-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, JapanTEL +81-3-3434-2671  FAX +81-3-3432-0997

Japanese Physical Society, Japan

This has always been mentioned that JPS meetings, carries seeds of evergreen flowers, they have the cherm of sakura san, blessings of Fuji san and drenched in the water of onsen.


Ideas explored here have always been a source of gold mine for the rest of the world and history is standing firm with large number of examples to support.


My membership starts from 2008. 


Foresight, Lifeboat, Nanoreck and beyond, World

I am working with couple of my friends to up an organisation to prepare software based educational packages and materials realising the practical new kind of science free for any users. This would basically be an organisation of materials scientists and artificial intelligent scientists working together to make our society more beautiful than ever.


Now, nanoreck, foresight, lifeboat and many others are working on similar idea but in much generalised aspects, I wish to be very much focused about it.


In my dream organisation, everybody would work together to prepare simple products for kids and adults so that they can feel how nature has used pattern based computing to create this world. This organisation would build unique conceptual products for boosting the new kind of science. Imagine a world where pattern would evolve from simple basic pattern you draw. The evolved pattern would look like gravitational wave, or evolution of cancer cells or heat flow, diffusion of gas and many different phenomena.


Therefore we have really started working on designing products for that new world of science and society.



Contact: Anirban Bandyopadhyay, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan-305-0037