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 Moletronics and Intelligence
Supporting material files Movie and image gallary Quantum Brain to nano brain Cellular Automata (CA) Philosophy of Life

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Important links for general science


Access Research Network.

Periodic Table.

Fibonacci numbers in nature

Gaussian basis set order form

Molecular structure files

Archive to upload papers free

Online simulators of NanoHub

Search National Science Simulations

Easy simple solution of math equations

If dont know where to get scientific software then

World organisation for supercomputing

Secret life of ants

Molecular workbench

Want to learn differential equation, and how it is used in nature

Create online publication list


Important links for Artificial Intelligence and

materials science fusion

Molecular information theory and machine thermodynamics.

Many web links of neural network

How to build molecular assembler R. Freitas


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Important links for Artificial Intelligence articles

Engines of creation.

Artificial Intelligence

Journal of Multiple valued logic and soft computing

PLOS peer review public access journal free (This is very good, pls check)

Read articles of Foresight Institute


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Products purchase

Single crystal STM tip.

Multielectrode Array

Interesting molecules get free




Important softwares to download


Molecular Electronics simulation codes 1.

Graphics and statistics software.

Universal document converter "word to jpeg" etc

Free electric field simulator on surface

Expensive but great 3D electric field simulator

Graphics data analysis 3D, statistical data analysis

3D electrostatics nice graphics

How to make applets in java

Nanohive Nanospace simulator free

Visulisation molecular dynamics


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Important Tutorials and online tools


Supporting materials for DNA nano computing

Artificial Neural Network and helpful to convert STM image to matrix

Large resources for neural network



Innovative sites

Translation between any language and english.

Nano arts, how nanotechnology can modulate arts and culture

Where science meets art

Spiral art of nature within the framework of Hemchandra or Fibonacci

A huge resource on Nano Factory



Physics and philosophy

See youtube movies full with beautiful discussions


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