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Bramha: An ultimate CA simulator Narad Muni: CA rule identification tool

To build our resources and make inventions public we regularly make videos, documentaries, software products, any officially registerd company or firm interested in business with us, please contact us, we make payment through NIMS finance department for the purchase of the associated products.





1. General purpose Vertical Parallel Processor (VPP). JP-2007-19552. This patent application describes designs and programming details of a bio-processor with planar architecture. Experimental details are published in J. Phys. Chem. B (2006). 


2. Cellular automation based processing template and Bramha software for vertical parallel processor (under preparation).


3. 3 dimentional (spherical tubular etc. 20 nm - 20 micrometer in diameter) vertical parallel processor (under preparation).


4. "An inductor composed of arrayed capacitors" 2010-096217-JP



Patent 2 and patent 3 are the supporting patents for the patent 1.


We are also preparing several patents covering patent 1, 2, and 3.



See Movie: Working mechanism of vertical parallel processor


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1. 3D Graphics Modelling tool that can identify accurate conformer of a molecule from any 2 D STM image. This is an extremely useful tool to identify exact condition of molecule, thus accurate arrangement of atoms inside a molecule. Since a molecule can have several conformers, this tool provides a simple and easy way to get into the absolute random behavior of molecules.


2. A neural network software that can identify exact electronic state of a cluster of molecules and provide matrix output. Therefore, this is extremely useful for generating matrix equivalent of a bio-processor monolayer.


3. An atomic scale device that can process more than 2 bits.


4. A single molecule circuit that gives output of a A/D digital converter.


5. A grammer tool for identifying ripples around a molecular system as observed in an STM image.


6. A Labview package that can send neuronlike signal using 10 voltage source and a controller circuit.



Strategic products available freely


1. A cellular neural network package where one gives any input pattern and output pattern follows a particular differential equation corresponding to a natural phenomenon. This product is for any general people who can feel how study of science will be revolutionised in the coming years.


2. Standalone vertical parallel processor (S-VPP) from 16 bits to 100,000 bits at a time. We believe to release 1000 bits S-VPP by the end of December 2009.


See movie how brain under construction would generate spontaneous pattern on its surface 


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Contact: Anirban Bandyopadhyay, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan-305-0037