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Present Affiliations



Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay


Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy group

Advanced Nano Characterisation Center (ANCC)

Sengen site of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS),

1-2-1 Sengen, Main building, Room-815

Tsukuba, Japan 305-0037.

e-mail: anirban.bandyo@gmail.com


Phone: +81-29-859-2167

FAX: +81-29-859-2801


Official homepage www.anirbanlab.co.nr

The official homepage is located in the NIMS server, you may brouse it through





Working as Senior Researcher -regular scientist of NIMS, from April 2008.

Adjunct Asst. Professor Michigan Technological University, USA

Editor of "Information" a computation journal by MDPI

Scientific Advisor, Nanotechnology board, Lifeboat foundations

WTN fellow (World Technology Network)



Past Affiliations


2005-2008: Independent Researcher (kind of tenure track), called ICYS Research Fellow (with personal yearly budget of 5 million yen/year) in the International Center for Young Scientists a MEXT sponsored center at the Namiki site of National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. Working on brain-like bio-processor building.



2003-2004: Visiting Scientist, working in an United States Air Force (USAF) project, Nano electronics Center, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom. Worked on DNA nanoelectronics, neural netork mimicking.



2001-2003: Junior and Senior Research Fellow (JRF and SRF), Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, India. Supramolecular electronics, self-assembly, memory and information storage, processing in supramolecular system.


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2000: Graduated from North Bengal University, India. Condensed matter physics, Computation and numerical analysis. Worked on tensor analysis and Gravitational Wave detection.


Recognition, awards 

Inamori Foundation Award (2011), Foundation Fellow & Sewa Society International member 2011-

Hitachi Science and Technology Foundation award (2010)

The image of nanobrain has been selected among top 25 research artworks by MEXT, Japan (2009) and then voted by common people of Japan to win Award (2010).

Nanobrain included in Physics textbook Quantum Nanoelectronics, by Wolf, Wiley-VCH 2009

WTN Fellow (2009), World Technology Network (WTN)

Presidents Award (2009) NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan for the English title  “Invention of a novel molecular electronic device (nano brain)”

Executive Advisor, Nanotechnology board, Life-Boat Foundation, USA (2009-)

Scientist of the year 2008, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England 2008. Professional of the year, 2008.

Marquis Who is Who in Asia for 2007 world and several similar in the world upto 2009, when I decided not to involve in these business anymore.

In 2005 Article on DNA nano-electronics selected in the top 10% downloaded paper of IOP publishing House.

In 2004, selected as a Young Researcher in ICYS, Japan; where 40 researchers from 25 different countries were selected to execute innovative Research, independently.

Young Physicist award, 2003 of Indian Physical Society.

Received Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) fellowship in 2000.


Funds Received

Funds Received through competitive grants (total ~200 million Yen or ~2 million USD, DIRECT):


1. 18 million yen (2005-2008) to set-up a basic laboratory (MEXT-15 million).  Building of nano brain

2. NIMS personal budget is 1 million Yen/person/year and 20 million Yen/person/year (2009-2013).

3. JSPS Grant-in-Aid (A) 2008-2009 (26 million Yen),  Building of nano brain

4. NIMS Competitive budget 2009-2010 (10 million Yen),  Synthesis of molecular machine

5. Hitachi Science and Technology foundation (1.6 million Yen) 2010,  Artificial brain building

6. European University grant (2 million Yen) 2010, Modelling of an artificial brain

7. NIMS new STM building special fund (50 million Yen) 2010, study of microwave and radio wave properties of the biomolecules

8. Inamori Foundation (1 million Yen) 2011-2012 Synthesis of nano brain and application in living cell

9. AOARD Fund 2009-2013 Microtubule research on microwave and radio wave (20 million Yen)

10. AOARD Funding for organizing conference on Artificial Brain Building (1 million Yen)

11. NIMS additional budget for neuron measurement laboratory setup (3.5 million Yen) 2012-2013


Personal Contact

Namiki-ni-Chome (opposite AIST main gate)

Namiki 2-10-209-203

Ibaraki, Tsukuba


+81-29-859-1370 (home)


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or chat in Yahoo (anirban_banerjee12345)


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