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You may contact us to get ppt files of Keynote and Plenary lectures. We have started uploading the research videos in YouTube, please download and use them freely without seeking our permission, here we give our full permission to you to use them in the way you like.

We have found remarkable properties on microtubule. You may listen to brief Google TechTalk




and more detailed talk in University of Arizona here




Interview with conscious pictures on Singularity will be uploaded in YouTube soon.





1. Massively Parallel Supercomputing via Cellular Automation on a Molecular Neuron Assembly this talk is about a possible fusion between molecular electronics and artificial intelligence, WMSCI-2008, 29/6 to 2/7 2008  Orlando, USA.

2. Massive parallel processing of patterns on an organic monolayer: Technical challenges in realising an artificial bio-processor, UC-2008, Austria, Vienna August 27.

3. Massively Parallel Supercomputing via Cellular Automation on a Molecular Neuron Assembly special emphasise on Bio-information processing using organic molecular assembly, ICNAMA, India 9th december 2008.

Chief Guest lecture: How should we judge research? How illusioned are the concepts of Impact factor, H index or any mathematical parameters? Majority of Nobel prize winning works failed to publish first in a big journal, why? A statistical analysis of the last 50 years of research activities.
4. How can we program a nano-brain so that it can run complex jobs without human intervention? Computing like brain, Mind and Consciousness in the Machine Consciousness, 11-14/6/2009, Hong Kong. The conference was part of Asia Consciousness festival running for a month.

5. Realization of Neumann's emergent computing on an organic molecular layer with a special emphasize on Computing with molecules in the Gold Monolayers, 7-11/9/2009 UC-2009, Ponta Delgada, Portugol 

6. Computing on an organic molecular layer and computability issues, IWNC-2009, 14th May Kobe, Japan

7. Design and Synthesis of a 3D Nano Brain for Robotics with a special emphasize on Brain like computing, The conference was organised to put business and technology fields together, NBS 5-6/12/2009, Cairo, Egypt

8. Design and synthesis of nano brain for Robotics 11-14/1/2010, ACCMS-VO-4 2010, Sendai, Japan

9. Nano brain and consciousness: a special emphasise on microtubule, Towards a Science of Consciousness, April 12-17 (2010), University of Arizona USA

10. Practical realization of nano brain: computing on organic monolayer, 25-27 May Unconventional Computing-2010, Tokyo, Japan

11. Cellular Automaton based massively parallel computing on organic moloecular layer, 21-24 Sept ACRI-2010, Ascoli Piceno, Italy

12. Remarkable electronic properties of a single Microtubule Google Mountain view campus, workshop on quantum biology 22 October 2010

13. Paul Davies Beyond Center at Arizona State University (Phoenix) Phoenix, workshop on quantum biology and cancer research, Experimental studies on single microtubule, 25-27 October 2010, Tempe, Arizona State University, USA

14. Practical computing with organic molecules Design and synthesis of a 3D nano brain, International symposium for Young Organic Chemists, Tsukuba, Japan March 1-3, (2011)

15. Quantum aspects of microtubule: Direct experimental evidence for the existence of quantum states in microtubule, Towards a science of consciousness May 2-8 (2011), Sweden

16. 19th International Lecture on Bio-nano in the Frontier Institute of Biomolecular and Engineering Research (FIBER) Neuron-like signal processing study during intelligent operation of the 3D dendritic supramolecular architecture connected to molecular machines  16th May (2011), FIBER, Konan University, Japan   

17. Electromagnetic energy of cells and microtubule: how microtubule research will revolutionize the human technologies, EDALC-2011, Czech Republic 1-3 July 2011

18. International Lecture for PhD students: Can we ever make a computer that thinks, creates like human brain? Keio University 24 October (2011)

19. UGC Referesher course lecture series for University & College lecturers; 25th-26th November 2011 North Bengal University, Siliguri, India

Lecture 1: Brain-like computing: synchrony and non-linear frequency pulling to revolutionize human technologies

Lecture 2: Topological insulators, semiconductors, metals: the physics of new generation materials

Lecture 3: Revolutionary technologies of microtubule, hidden in nature for 350 crore years

20. Vision Talk QUANSAS 2011; Towards inventing the last machine of mankind: the ultimate intelligent machine, nano-brain, Agra 1-4th Dec 2011, India

21. Bio-inspired system Science: IIT Rajasthan 1-3 March 2012

Lecture 1:A new kind of computing far beyond quantum or classical computer: brain inspired computing?

Lecture 2:Remarkable technologies embedded in microtubule: Industrial & Biological perspective

22. Brain mind and the universe: Switzerland 29 March to 3rd April 2012 Remarkable electronic properties of microtubule: a detailed rigorous perspective on its information processing

23. Poesis: Brain Science: 25-27 May 2012, Italy, Do we need to go beyond quantum mechanics to explain the brain?

24. IICB international conference 11-13 Sept 2012, India CESIN, Information and communication of a living cell from a complexity engineers perspective

25. JK Lakshmipat, Jaipur, SocPros 2012, 28-30 December, India

Lecture 1: Challenges of the 21st century computing: Will all problems merge to a single problem of computer science?

Lecture 2: The remarkable engineering of microtubule: A perspective

26. TSC 2013, Agra, India 2-9 March Ten remarkable technologies of microtubule.

27. University of Tokyo, Wireless computing with an antenna and a space-time tensor: a new world of computing, May 16, 2013

28. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorki, India Can we build a brain like computer? August 16, 2013

29. QUANSAS 2013 Measurement of a single neuron cell and discovery of a frequency fractal 28 November 2013


Complete list of invited talks in the conferences, symposiums, universities and in the research institutes along with the conference products are provided in the Research section. To read all these contributions in details please click here.