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Press ReleasePress Release 2010

Development of FePt perpendicular magnetic recording media for thermally-assisted magnetic recording (TAMR)

2 Aug, 2010

This research was conducted by
Kazuhiro Hono

FePtAg-C nanogranular perpendicular magnetic thin films with a mean particle diameter of 6.1 nm and coercivity of 37kOe has been developed for thermally assisted magnetic recording (TAMR). Using a TAMR static tester, a recording density of 450 Gbit/in2 has been demonstrated. This recording density is the highest for the TAMR recording, and is comparable to the highest recording density in current hard disk drives.

Figure 1: (Left) Transmission electron microscopy of the nano-particle-dispersed perpendicular magnetic film and, (right) patterns of recording bits by the TAMR head.

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