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『MANA E-bulletin vol.16』has been issued

12 Apr, 2023
(12 Apr, 2023 Update)

Vol.16 of MANA E-bulletin, the publication on MANA's research activities, has been issued.

【Feature】Future Quantum Society Starting from Materials Science

MANA’s researchers and scientists from Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) at Tohoku University discussed their opinions about "Future Quantum Society Starting from Materials Science".

What kind of future society will we see through materials science research and quantum material research? Enjoy the perspective of top researchers on the "Quantum Future Society".

Discussion Member
Yutaka Wakayama, Office Chief/Group Leader (Quantum Device Engineering Group), MANA
Takayuki Harada, Independent Scientist, MANA
・Takafumi Sato Principal Investigator/Group Leader, AIMR
・Akichika Kumatani Associate Professor, AIMR
・Hirofumi Oka Assistant Professor, AIMR

» The Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University

photo of Discussion Member

【Column】New People in MANA

Introducing the diversity of WPI-MANA

・Konoha Shimizu NIMS Junior Researcher (Quantum Device Engineering Group)
Shisheng Li Senior Researcher (Thin Film Electronics Group
Ryo Kitaura Group Leader (Low-dimensional Quantum Materials Group)

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