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In-situ Interface Analysis Group

GREEN Leader Kazutaka Mitsuishi

GREEN Leader

Kazutaka Mitsuishi


Electron microscopy of battery materials

In order to improve the performance of secondary battery, we perform transmission electron microscopy for various battery materials and development of microscopy techniques for those materials.

The figure is an example of a defect in La0.55Li0.33TiO3 (LLTO) TEM observation which is a solid electrolyte with high ion-conductivity that having the alternatively ordered arrangement of La ions on the perovskite A-sites along the c-axis. In this study, it was revealed that La is concentrated at the defect boundary and may block Li conduction at the interface.

(a) Planer defect in La0.55Li0.33TiO3 (LLTO),
(b) and (c) magnified image and the intensity line profile indicating the heavy element concentrate at the interface.

Elemental map image of the defect showing La is concentrated at the defect boundary.


Bekarevich Raman

Postdoctoral Researcher

Raman Bekarevich