Program Structure

Curriculum Policy

From the time of admission until the degree is granted, assigned NIMS researchers become supervisor together with Yokohama National University supervising professors, and provide research guidance based in the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS). Students can obtain a doctoral degree while cultivating their expertise in the field of materials science by conducting research activities in frontline research sites.
Course credits are granted to students by using appropriate methods such as examinations, assignments, and reports to evaluate the achievement of learning objectives, as stated in the syllabus. The curriculum is designed for the Yokohama National University - NIMS Joint Graduate School Program, so that students can take the required courses without having to go to the university often.

Establishment of the program

In realizing a safe and comfortable society that develops sustainably, a shift to a new-energy society with zero emissions of global warming gases is addressed as a preeminent social issue. To widely promote new energy technologies to the society, represented by the use of hydrogen energy and the development of storage batteries, as well as the creation of the related energy materials, it is essential to measure and evaluate their properties and elucidate their theoretical nature. This indicates that it will be important to develop the adequate equipment, in addition to using state-of-the-art research facilities.

Development and research of energy materials is very challenging. Conventional theories often do not apply, and it is sometimes necessary to go back to their disciplines that form the basis of engineering (electrochemistry, thermodynamics, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, material mechanics, and physical properties physics). Empowering young researchers with such comprehensive capabilities will respond to the social needs with energy materials innovation.

With this philosophy for energy materials engineering, the “Specialization in Energy Materials” has been established in 2 departments in the graduate school. The doctoral students in “Specialization in Energy Materials” is expected to acquire a wide range of expertise for the application, while developing the basic skills in energy materials such as materials science related to electrochemistry, thermal engineering, and material properties.

Student Seminar

A Student Seminar is part of the curriculum, all students and faculty members in the program attend. It is designed for the students to discuss their research results with other researchers and develop their presentation skills in English. It also aims to promote more comprehensive understanding of the research performed at NIMS. Each presentation at the seminar is evaluated by all faculty members.