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University of Tsukuba - NIMS
Joint Graduate School Program

Materials Science and Engineering is a discipline that helps to develop and use materials for various engineering applications. It is a key engineering field to support the infrastructure of modern society, such as energy, environment, information, communication, construction, transportation, medicine and welfare. This program is comprised of five fields: Organic- and Bio- Materials, Metals and Ceramics, Nanomaterials, Semiconducting Materials, and Condensed Matter Physics. It aims at educating students to become highly professional engineers or scientists in Materials Science and Engineering through hands-on research experience using advanced experimental facilities and by participating in major research projects.

The faculty members of this program are involved in the education for master’s courses. Materials Science and Engineering Class, taken in Subprogram in Materials Science and Subprogram in Applied Science, is corresponded to our doctoral program.

From February 2022, the program has become available in "Degree Programs in Materials Innovation".

We would like to invite young graduate students to join the frontier research at NIMS.

Cooperation with University of Tsukuba

This program is operated by the Cooperative Graduate School System at University of Tsukuba.

The Cooperative Graduate School System is a graduate education system which allows students access to facilities and resources in leading edge research institutes to conduct their research by employing the researchers from these institutes as professors and associate professors of the University of Tsukuba.

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