Program Structure

Student Seminar

Student Seminar is part of the curriculum, all students and faculty members in the program attend. It is designed for the students to discuss their research results with other researchers and develop their presentation skills in English. It also aims to promote more comprehensive understanding of the research performed at NIMS. Each presentation at the seminar is evaluated by all faculty members.

At the Student Seminar held in November 2023, the Excellent Presentation Award has been granted to the following students.
- Mr. Makoto SASAKI (Professor Ebara)
- Ms. Nanami FUJISAWA (Professor Ebara)
- Mr. Taishu IWASE (Professor Ebara)
- Ms. Ekaterina DENGINA (Associate Professor Sepehri)

TSUKUBA STANDARDS for Graduate Schools

The educational contents of each program can be found as follows:

Master’s course

  • EngineeringScience (Applied Physics/Materials Science)
  • Materials Innovation

Doctoral course

  • Materials Science and Engineering NIMS
  • Materials Innovation

Degree conferred:Master of Engineering / Doctor of Engineering

Master’s course and Doctoral course

"Engineering Sciences : Subprogram in Materials Science and Engineering, Degree Program in Pure and Applied Sciences" and “Degree Program in Materials Innovation” have both Master’s and Doctoral programs. In the master's program, research activities are conducted while attending lectures at the university, so that students do not become too biased toward applied research and neglect basic studies.

If you wish to enter the doctoral program after enrolling in the master's program of this program, you must apply to the university and pass the entrance exam in the same way as other applicants in the second year of the program. In this case, the admission feewill not be charged.

There is no fixed path from "Materials Science and Engineering Class" to "Doctoral Program in Engineering Sciences, Subprogram in Materials Science and Engineering", or form “Master’s Program in Materials Innovation” to “Doctoral Program in Materials Innovation”. It is possible to enter this program after obtaining a master's degree from another university. Please consult with the professor you wish to study with regarding the career path you wish to take.