Supermolecules Group

Our research is based largely on synthesis of nanomaterials often employing supramolecular chemistry methods. The resulting nanomaterials may be molecular in form or alternatively nanostructured bulk materials where form and function are intimately related. Super- or supramolecules are formed through non-covalent interactions between molecules, aggregates or inorganic nanomaterials. They can exhibit novel functions not available from their individual components. Our research emphasizes several types of applications including sensing, molecular electronics, drug delivery, materials sequestration and photovoltaic materials.

Dr. Lok Introducing Supermolecules group & Supramolecular Assembly of Fullerene
Dr. SHRESTHA became an Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba
(Degree Program in Materials Innovation)


Past news

Group photo 2023.5

Joint photo with Takeya・Watanabe・Tamai laboratory, The University of Tokyo

Dr. Lok Team photo

Group photo 2022.9

Presented at the MANA Symposium

A degree was awarded to Jingwen Song【Doctor course】 2021.9.24

Group photo 2020.12