NIMS Solid-State NMR Facility

Materials Innovation driven by solid-state NMR
 NIMS Solid-State NMR Facility is a shared facility specializing in solid-state NMR. It was established to support materials research both inside and outside of NIMS through sharing of facilities, technical support, and joint research.
 For NIMS researchers, the station provides services such as sharing of facilities and technical assistant based on the NMR station facility use regulation. For researchers outside of NIMS, it provides sharing of facilities and collaborative research under the schemes of Nanotechnology Platform Program (MEXT) and NIMS Open Facility. Please visit "How to use" page for more detail.
Solid-state NMR Researcher
Areas of ​​expertise: materials science, chemistry, and physics.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address shown on the "Contact" page!


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