NIMS and CAMECA Business Unit, AMETEK Co., Ltd., established the CAMECA-NIMS 3DAP Laboratory for educational and awareness activities for 3D atom probe (3DAP) technology, which can three-dimensionally visualize the distribution of the atoms that make up a material.
(3D atom probe "EIKOS-UV")
 The 3D atom probe method can detect and identify the position of single atoms including light elements, which are difficult to observe with electron microscopes. It is also very effective in analyzing the distribution of elements within a variety of materials or devices. However, the popularity of this method is still limited due to the special characteristics of its devices (e.g. sample preparation, measurement methods, analysis method expertise).

 This is why CAMECA-NIMS 3DAP Laboratory will install CAMECA’s latest 3D atom probe model (EIKOS-X) at NIMS, in addition to a state-of-the-art atom probe (LEAP-5000 XS) owned by NIMS, and make it available to external users. There will be regular lectures on 3D atom probe technology, as well as dedicated operators to provide technical instruction and support for sample preparation and analysis.

What's New!!

6/1/2022 [This website will no longer be updated.]
CAMECA-NIMS 3DAP Laboratory was closed.
The EIKOS consortium was closed on December, 2020.
A page introducing some examples of 3DAP analysis by NIMS has been added in this website. Click "here" to see the page.
"EIKOS-X" has been upgraded to "EIKOS-UV".
"EIKOS-UV" system has a 355 nm laser pulsing module.
3DAP Laboratory is featured in the newest NIMS newsletter "NIMS NOW".
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  • 6/26/2018
    NIMS and CAMECA established the CAMECA-NIMS 3DAP Laboratory.
  • [Press Release] Establishment of CAMECA-NIMS 3DAP Laboratory
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