MEMRISYS 2021 - Excellent Poster Presentation Awards

Presentation Award Winners

Four attendees have been selected as winners of the MEMRISYS 2021 Excellent Poster Presentation Award. The winners were announced during the closing remarks of the conference.


P-9. Mr. Tobias Ziegler
(RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Small‐scale Demonstrator for Binary Vector‐Matrix Multiplications using Emulated Complementary Resistive Switches.


P-18. Mr. Makoto Takayanagi
(NIMS/Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

The Electric Double Layer Effect and its Strong Suppression in Li+ Solid Electrolyte‐based Transistors.


P-19. Mr. Toshiki Miyatani
(Kyoto University, Japan)

Impacts of Oxygen Composition in an Oxygen‐vacancy Reservoir Layer on Forming and Resistive Switching Characteristics in Pt/TaOx/Ta2O5/Pt Cells.


P-42. Ms. Maria Elias Pereira
(NOVA School of Science and Technology, Portugal)

Tailoring Resistive Switching Characteristics of IGZO‐based Memristive Devices for Artificial Deep Learning Neural Networks.