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2014.06.23 NEW

Precision Control of the Timing, Structure and Functions in Molecular Self-Assembly

New technology for the materials production method essential to the organic electronics field

2014.06.18 NEW

Success in Intracellular Imaging of Cesium Distribution in Plants Used for Cesium Absorption

Anticipated for applications in the development of "superplants" for radiocesium decontamination


Success in Forming Organic Thin-Film Transistors Through Room-Temperature Printing

Establishing Room-Temperature-Printed Electronics Without Raising the Temperature by Even 1°C


World's First Success in Visualization of Coenzyme Broadly Related to Vital Activities and Diseases

A great advantage in diagnosing cancer and liver dysfunction and in elucidating the mechanisms of neurological disorders


Development of High-performance Fiber as an Alternative to Dialysis during Disasters

Opening a path to development of a portable dialysis system for emergency treatment of chronic kidney failure


Development of High-performance Dielectric Devices by Assembling Nano Blocks

Self-organization of oxide nanosheets through the solution process