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Press ReleasePress Release 2012

Millimeter-level naked-eye detection of caesium location at solid surface

Potential for volume reduction of radioactively contaminated components, clarification of diffusion processes and accumulation behavior of caesium

20 Dec, 2012

Researchers in MANA Supermolecules Unit have successfully developed an optical probe for caesium cation (Cs+) in the solid state. Green fluorescence due to the presence of Cs+ on soil is shown after spraying of a solution of the optical probe in alcohol. The contaminated site can be easily identified and removed from the surrounding material. In addition, Cs+ particles of less than 1 mm diameter can be visualized. This chemical optical probe provides a higher spatial resolution than existing radioscopes and gamma ray cameras. The location of Cs+ in foodstuffs and plants such as sunflower can be visualized by using this probe, allowing to study its diffusion processes and accumulation behavior in those media.


Fig. 1: Chemical structure of optical probe. Fluorescence mechanism and spectra of complexes of optical probe with K+ or Cs+.


Fig. 2: Cs+ detection on soil, filter paper, in sunflower by naked eye.

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Taizo Mori1, 2, Masaaki Akamatsu3, Ken Okamoto1, Masato Sumita1, Yoshitaka Tateyama1, 2, Hideki Sakai3, Jonathan P. Hill1, 2, Masahiko Abe3, Katsuhiko Ariga1, 2

  1. International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA), National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
  3. Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Tokyo University of Science

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Katsuhiko Ariga, MANA Principal Investigator, MANA, NIMS
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