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Press ReleasePress Release 2010

Synthesis and Properties of Oxygen Non-Stoichiometric BiMnO3

10 Sep, 2010

This research was conducted by
Alexei A. Belik

Multiferroic materials have long-ranged ordering of electric dipoles and magnetic moments. They can combine properties of both parent ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. BiFeO3 and BiMnO3 are the most-studied multiferroics. However, multiferroic properties of BiMnO3 are still controversial. In our work, we investigated effects of oxygen nonstoichiometry on structural and magnetic properties of BiMnO3.

figure 1

Figure 1. Evolution of electronic and magnetic properties and crystal structures in LaMnO3+δ and BiMnO3+δ as a function of the oxygen content. AFM: antiferromagnetic, FM: ferromagnetic, SG: spin-glass; I: insulator, M: metal.

figure 2

Figure 2. Magnetic susceptibilities of BiMnO3+δ as a function of temperature. ZFC: zero-field cooled data at 100 Oe, FC: field-cooled data at 100 Oe.

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