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Press ReleasePress Release 2010

"Realization of the Thinnest Integrated Circuit Component on Earth"

– A Logic Inverter with Graphene Atomic Layer –

23 Jun, 2010

This research was conducted by
Song-Lin Li & Kazuhito Tsukagoshi

Dr. Song-Lin Li et al from Pi-electron electronics group (group leader: Dr. Kazuhito Tsukagoshi), MANA succeeded in realizing the thinnest integrated circuit component on the Earth – an atomic-scale-thick graphene logic inverter.


Figure 1: Optical microscope images of a graphene device fabricated in this study. (Left) Patterned single-layer graphene for transistor channel. (Right) Array of graphene FETs after formation of top gate and source/drain electrodes.


Figure 2: Schematic diagram of the complementary-like SLG inverter. Two graphene FETs work as p-type and n-type, respectively.

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