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Miharu Eguchi, Senior Researcher and Takashi Taniguchi, Fellow featured in "NIMS NOW International"

28 Mar, 2023
(28 Mar, 2023 Update)

Miharu Eguchi, Senior Researcher in the Mesoscale Materials Chemistry Group, Nanomaterials Field, and Takashi Taniguchi, Fellow, were featured in the latest issue of the NIMS NOW (Vol. 23 No. 2).

Clay nanosheets offer a new long-term apple preservation method

An article featuring the clay nanosheets developed by Eguchi Miharu Senior Researcher and her colleagues has been highlighted. (p. 7)

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» Keeping Apples Fresh Using Clay Films (Press Release 8 Mar. 2022)

NIMS researchers with exceptional crystal synthesis
skills win Clarivate Citation Laureate awards

The awarding of the Clarivate Citation Laureate for the technology development of high-purity hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) crystals by Takashi Taniguchi, Fellow and Kenji Watanabe, the Chief Researcher of the Research Center for Functional Materials, has been featured. (p. 13)

» Takashi Taniguchi, Fellow, has been awarded Clarivate Citation Laureates 2022 (Award 28 Sep. 2022)

NIMS NOW International
2023 - Vol.21 No.2
“2023 March-April"

(23 Mar. 2023)

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