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"MANA-Tsukuba Works" as the First Certificated Official Team for "Nanocar Race 2"

16 Jan, 2020
(18 Jun, 2020 Update)

On January 15th 2020, MANA's proposal team "MANA-Tsukuba Works" was certificated as the first official team for "Nanocar Race 2", molecular machine competition which will be held in Spring 2021, by organization committees: Christian Joachim, Director of the race, CNRS, MANA satellite PI; Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, Waseda University; Jacques MALEVAL, CNRS, Embassy of France in Japan; and Katsuhiko Ariga, MANA PI. The MANA team is named "MANA-Tsukuba Works".

MANA participated in the last race in 2017, and won the "Fair Play Award". For the next competition, we re-organized team members and re-design our molecular machine created by cutting-edge nanoarchitectonics for good and fruitful results.

We need your continuous support for our team "MANA-Tsukuba Works"!

『MANA-Tsukuba Works』Official Twitter
  Twitter @NanocarRaceMANA

『MANA-Tsukuba Works』Official Website
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 ・Nanocar Race 2 Official Website "MEMO PROJECT"
 ・Nanocar Race (2017) NIMS-MANA Team Official Website

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