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Hiroyuki Takeya, Chief Researcher Appeared in "NIMS NOW International"

27 Aug, 2019
(27 Aug, 2019 Update)

Hiroyuki Takeya, Chief Researcher appeared in the latest issue of "NIMS NOW International" (Vol.17 No.4).

Magnetic materials and processing techniques:
requirements for an efficient liquefaction system

Hiroyuki Takeya and Hideaki Kitazawa explain about the development of the "hydrogen liquefaction system" that NIMS has been promoting through industry-academic-government collaboration. Hiroyuki Takeya has been developing magnetic material processing techniques.
(Pages 11-13)

NIMS NOW International
2020 - Vol.17 No.4
“Revolutionary H2 Liquefaction —Magnets bring a hydrogen society—”

(31 July 2019)

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