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“Smart Polymer Rangers” appear at Tsukuba Science Festival 2014

11 Nov, 2014

MANA participated in the "Tsukuba Science Festival 2014" on November 10 in Tsukuba with an exhibit titled “Smart Polymer Rangers.” The Tsukuba Science Festival 2014 is a science exchange event that provides “hands-on” learning experiences for members of the general public and is organized by Tsukuba City and the Tsukuba City Board of Education. This year, 59 bodies in Tsukuba City, such as schools and research institutes, participated in the event.

MANA exhibited “smart polymers” as a future material for disease diagnosis and treatment, and our researchers, some of whom appeared as children-friendly “Smart Polymer Rangers,” demonstrated science experiments. We also introduced examples of future applications of biomaterials, such as nanofiber mesh for cancer therapy and a portable dialysis system for emergency treatment of chronic kidney failure. The MANA exhibit was extremely popular with visitors, attracting a large number of parent-and-child family groups and students.

This exhibit was also part of the “Tsukuba Action Project (T-ACT): Science Communication Training,” which is based on collaboration between the University of Tsukuba and MANA. University students who participated in T-ACT training planned and managed the event in cooperation with MANA researchers, and were able to enhance their science communication skills by meeting and talking with visitors at the event.

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