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Langmuir released the Interfacial Nanoarchitectonics Special Issue

17 Jun, 2013

Langmuir, a journal published by the American Chemical Society (ACS), released the Interfacial Nanoarchitectonics Special Issue. (Vol.29, No.24).
The issue features papers by 49 researchers from around the world, 34 of which were submitted by researchers from outside MANA, which recently announced an open forum entitled "Nanoarchitectonics and the Interface".

Langmuir is classified as a chemistry journal in an academic journal database administered by Thomson Reuters, and with an Impact Factor of 4.186, and is a highly influential journal in its field.

In this way, MANA continues its efforts to spread the concept of nanoarchitectonics and raise its name recognition.

Interfacial Nanoarchitectonics Preface

Colloids: Surfactants and Self-Assembly, Dispersions, Emulsions, Foams

Interfaces: Adsorption, Reactions, Films, Forces


Biological Interfaces: Biocolloids, Biomolecular and Biomimetic Materials

Materials: Nano- and Mesostructured Materials, Polymers, Gels, Liquid Crystals, Composites


Devices and Applications: Sensors, Fluidics, Patterning, Catalysis, Photonic Crystals

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