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MANA researchers featured in NHK BS Premium Program

1 Jan, 2012

The three MANA researchers Prof. James Gimzewski (MANA Satellite Principal Investigator), Dr. Masakazu Aono (MANA Director-General) and Dr. Genki Yoshikawa (MANA Independent Scientist) were featured on NHK in the BS Premium Program "Atom changes life" on January 1, 2012. It was the first part of the series “Nano Revolution” about the latest research results of nanotechnology.

The program started with details about Prof. Gimzewski’s history and research. He talked about the development of new functional materials by nanotechnology and their future applications. Then Dr. Aono’s work, the development of an atomic switch, was highlighted as key research to realize a novel brain-type device. The later part of the program featured the development of a highly sensitive sensor by Dr. Yoshikawa with future applications in monitoring and security fields.

Prof. Gimzewski talks about the developmet of new functional materials by nanotechnology.

Dr. Aono explains the development of an atomic-scale switch.

Dr. Yoshikawa talks about the future applications of his highly sensitive sensor.

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