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MANA visit of Fraunhofer IZM, Germany

28 Nov, 2011

The 1st Fraunhofer IZM & NIMS Workshop on “Nano-technology and Environmental Engineering” was held at NIMS on November 25-29, 2011. As part of this workshop,
6 delegates from Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany, visited MANA on November 28 with the objective to get an overview of research at MANA.

The delegates visited laboratories of all four MANA research fields Nano-Materials, Nano-System, Nano-Green and Nano-Bio, as well as the MANA Foundry. Active discussions about MANA’s research were performed between researchers from both institutes.

Participants of lab tour

(From right to left):
Mr. Takahiro Fujita (MANA Administrative Director), Prof. Ing. Nils F. Nissen (Director, Department of Environmental Engineering, Fraunhofer IZM), Mr. Hansjoerg Griese
(Senior Advisor, Fraunhofer IZM),Dr. Miho Sakai (Manager of Marketing and Account, Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan), Mr. Matthias Bittersdorf (Intern, Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan), Dr. Jana Rückschloss (Researcher, Fraunhofer IZM),
Dr. Toshihide Nabatame (Manager, MANA Foundry), Dr. Jutta Mueller (Senior Advisor, Fraunhofer IZM), Dr. Naoe Hosoda and Dr. Akitsu Shigeto (NIMS Hybrid Materials

At Nano Functionality Integration Group

Dr. Osamu Kubo (left), MANA Scientist,
expalins about the mechanism of a multiple-
scanning-probe at Nano Functionality
Integration Group Lab(Nano-system Field).

At Sustainability Materials Group

Dr. Daniele Pergolesi (center), MANA Scientist
explains research of high-efficiency fuel cells at Sustainability Materials Group Lab (Nano-
green Field).

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