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The 7th Japanese Culture Class 2011 -Japanese and Baths-

12 Nov, 2011

The 7th Japanese culture class "Japanese and Baths" has been held on November 11, 2011. We invited an instructor from a private company who explained about hot spring bathing and sleep improvement was invited.

The lecture started with the history of bathing in Japan and the effect of bathing such as improving immunity and blood circulation. Then he introduced how to bathe effectively, correlation between water temperature and bathing time and the effect of bathing powder. Finally, he introduced some hot springs in Japan. Participants, all of them researchers, asked very "professional" questions about the effect of bathing based on research data by a company, which surprised the instructor very much.

After the lecture, participants performed experiments of checking the feeling and smelling of several kinds of dissolved bathing powder in beakers. At the end of the class, participants were given seven doses of bathing powder as a present. The class was very much fun for all participants.


13 participants joined to the class.


Lecture about the effect of bathing.


Dissolving several kinds of bathing powder in hot water….


…and checking the feeling and smelling of them.

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