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NIMS/MANA-Flinders University Joint Symposium was held

31 Oct, 2011

The NIMS/MANA-Flinders University Joint Symposium on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology has been successfully held at Namiki Site, MANA NIMS, on October 31, 2011. This symposium was held as a part of the MOU between MANA and Flinders University of South Australia signed on July 22, 2011.

After the opening address by Dr. Masakazu Aono, MANA Director-General, five researchers from both institutes, As. Prof. Amanda Ellis and As. Prof. Gunther Andersson from the Flinders University, Dr. Dmitri Golberg, Dr. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa and Dr. Takao Aoyagi from MANA, presented their latest research results.

Prof. Welland

Opening address by Dr. Masakazu Aono

Dr. Aono

Lecture by Dr. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

Presentations by students

As. Prof. Amanda Ellis

A student from MANA presents his research result

As. Prof. Gunther Andersson

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