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"Prof. Kroto's Science Class 2011" was held

17 Sep, 2011

As a part of outreach activities, MANA hosted "Prof. Kroto’s Science Class 2011" for preliminary school students Grade 3 and 4 and their parents on September 17th, 2011. This program was given by Prof. Kroto, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry in 1996, to help children and their parents all over the world to understand the fun of science. This time, we had 50 pairs of participants.

Students were very actively involved in the class. During Session 1, they eagerly listened to Prof. Kroto’s English lecture through simultaneous interpreting device. Then they made a buckyball, a molecular model of fullerene, with help by their parent and Prof. Kroto in Session 2. Finally the students asked many questions to Prof. Kroto, which surprised him.

Science Class1

Prof. Kroto helps a student to make a buckyball.

Science Class1

Prof. Kroto answers a question from student.

Science Class1

The participants of the class together with Prof. Kroto.

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You can download photo images here.

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