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7th Japan-UK-USA Nanotechnology Summer School

8 Sep, 2011

The 7th Japan-UK-USA Nanotechnology Students' Summer School was held at Nanoscience Centre, University of Cambridge from September 5th to 8th, 2011. The summer school was organized by the collaboration of 3 institutes, MANA of NIMS, Japan, Nanoscience Centre of University of Cambridge, UK, and California NanoSystems Institute of UCLA, USA.

Totally 26 students from Japan, UK and USA presented their latest research topics to exchange up-to-date knowledge and opinions during the school. They had active discussions during the various events as well as question and answer time, which deepened their knowledge of advanced nanotechnology. They also learned the importance to conduct a research with a view to many fields.

The 8th summer school will be held at NIMS in summer, 2012.

Prof. Welland

Prof. Sir Mark Welland, Director of Nanoscience Centre and MANA Satellite PI.

Dr. Aono

Dr. Aono, MANA Director-General, gives a lecture.

Presentations by students

Session of students' presentation at Nanoscience Centre.

A student from MANA presents his research result

A student from MANA presents his research result.

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