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The most cited papers in "Chemistry - An Asian Journal" published in 2008 - 2009

27 Jun, 2011

Dr. Yamauchi

The focus review article in "Chemistry - An Asian Journal" entitled "Rational Design of Mesoporous Metals and Related Nanomaterials by a Soft-Template Approach" and co-authored by Dr. Yusuke Yamauchi, MANA Independent Scientist, has been listed as one of the most cited papers among those published in 2008 - 2009.

"Chemistry - An Asian Journal" is a sister journal to "Chemistry—A European Journal" and "Angewandte Chemie", covering all aspects of chemistry from biochemistry through organic and inorganic chemistry to physical chemistry, including interdisciplinary topics. The journal is published on behalf of the Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES), an association of numerous Asian chemical societies.

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