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"Prof. Rohrer's Science Class 2011" was held

5 Mar, 2011

As a part of outreach activities, MANA hosted "Prof. Rohrer’s Science Class 2011" at Namiki Site on March 5th, 2011. A lecture by Dr. Heinrich Rohrer, 1986 Novel laureate in Physics, for 80 junior-high school students from nearby Tsukuba to help them to understand joys and fun of science.

After the introduction by Dr. Masakazu Aono, MANA Director-General, Prof. Rohrer gave a lecture entitled "Science, Fascination and Passion" of approximately 40 minutes. During the lecture, participants were given English-Japanese simultaneous translation through headphones and they listened to Dr. Roller attentively. In a question and answer session, many questions were asked to Dr. Rohrer about his school days and daily life as well as technical questions about his research. Some students asked questions to Dr. Rohrer in English; those made the session very active. During reception time, many participants took pictures with Dr. Rohrer and chatted in English with him.

Many students seemed inspired by his lecture and personality, which is indicated by the answered questionnaire about the lecture such as “I felt affinity for science and the Nobel Prize”, “Received a good advice!” and “I was very impressed by his passion for science”.

Dr. Rohrer
Participants of the class

Students listens to Dr. Rohrer's talk
Dr. Rohrer talks with students

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