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The Collaborative Research Achievement by Daiki Nishioka, Trainee, Takashi Tsuchiya, Principal Researcher, and Their Collaborators Featured in the Media

4 Mar, 2023
(8 Apr, 2024 Update)

The collaborative research achievement featured in the media.

This research was done by the members of the Ionic Devices Group from Daiki Nishioka, a trainee (Tokyo University of Science/JSPS Research Fellow), Takashi Tsuchiya, a Principal Researcher, and Kazuya Terabe, a Group Leader, and also Yoshitaka Shingaya, Senior Researcher (Quantum Device Engineering Group) with the researcher from Tokyo University of Science.

Media Coverages

  • Science Japan (Apr. 8, 2024)
    "NIMS led group demonstrates new-molecule reservoir computing that can predict changes in blood glucose levels in diabetes patients with higher accuracy than conventional devices"
  • The Science News (Mar. 8, 2024)
    「少数分子でリザバーコンピューティング実現 糖尿病患者の血糖値変化予測」
  • NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN (Feb. 28, 2024)
    「物材機構、有機分子でリザバー計算 血糖値の予測誤差半減」(Japanese, Registration required)

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    Daiki Nishioka

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    Yoshitaka Shingaya

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    Takashi Tsuchiya

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    Kazuya Terabe

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