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ConferenceConference 2022


Date 8 Dec, 2022 - 9 Dec, 2019
(16 Dec, 2022 Update)

The 15th WPI-MANA International Symposium 2022 "Frontier of Materials Nanoarchitectonics" was held at WPI-MANA Auditorium, NIMS in Tsukuba City from December 8 (Thu) to December 9 (Fri), 2022. This Symposium is held every year to present WPI-MANA's research achievements to the domestic and international scientific community.

The symposium featured three keynote lectures by Executive Advisor (Founding Director) Masakazu Aono, Prof. James K. Gimzewski of the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and Prof. Yoshinobu Baba of Nagoya University. The symposium consisted of 11 invited speakers from inside and outside Japan, 12 speakers from NIMS and 45 poster presentations.

Over the two days, 541 participants gathered online and locally for a lively Q&A session and exchange of ideas.

Date December 8 (Thu) to December 9 (Fri), 2022
Venue WPI-MANA Auditorium, NIMS, Tsukuba City, Japan
Number of participants Total: 541
Local: 156
Online: 385
Official Website https://www.nims.go.jp/mana/2022/

Takashi Taniguchi
Director of WPI-MANA

Masakazu Aono
WPI-MANA Executive Adviser

Prof. James K. Gimzewski
University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Prof. Yoshinobu Baba
Nagoya University

Prof. Hirofumi Tanaka
Kyushu Institute of Technology

Prof. Junichi Motohisa
Hokkaido University

Prof. David R. Bowler
University College London, UK

Prof. Satoshi Watanabe
The University of Tokyo

Prof. Jun Lou
Rice University, USA

Assoc. Prof. Akira Kakugo
Hokkaido University

Prof. Masahiro Nomura
The University of Tokyo

Prof. Christian Joachim
CNRS, France

Prof. Yoshiyuki Sugahara
Waseda University (Online)

Prof. Michael Dickey
North Carolina State University, USA (Online)

Prof. Yury V. Kolen’ko
International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal (Online)

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