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ConferenceConference 2014

MASA 2014 -Material Architectonics for Sustainable Action-

Date 18 Jul, 2014
(Published on 4 Jul, 2014)

The International Symposium on Material Architectonics for Sustainable Action (MASA 2014) will be jointly held by MANA and JST-PRESTO “Nanosystems and Emergent Functions” on July 18, 2014.

The Symposium focuses on the topics of ‘Materials Nanoarchitectonics’ and ‘Emergent Functions’ in the broad range of research fields including Applied Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, and Robotics. The technical sessions are composed of young researchers including 18 oral-speakers and 22 poster-presenters from PRESTO and NIMS.

The Symposium will turn out to be a fruitful opportunity for participants not only to exchange interdisciplinary ideas but also to further develop the friendly relationship between participants.

Date July 18, 2014
Venue WPI-MANA Bld. Auditorium Namiki, NIMS, Tsukuba
Program Program(pdf)
Pre-registration masa-2014=ml.nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")

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