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ConferenceConference 2014

The 5th NIMS/MANA-Waseda University International Symposium

Date 24 Mar, 2014
(18 Mar, 2014 Update)

NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science) and Waseda University launched the joint graduate school and had the first Joint symposium in Waseda University in 2009. The symposium focuses on research in wide range fields, including new ceramics, inorganic materials, semiconductors, biomaterials, polymer materials, and metallic crystals.

Tentative program

9:30- Opening Remarks by Prof. Chikyo (NIMS)
9:40-11:20 Student presentation (I) (8 students; 12 min for each)
(Chairs: Jun Liu, Shimaa A. Abdellatef)
Ajayan Mano
Graphene–Graphene Monolayer Direct Bonding Using Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV)/Vapor-Assisted Method in Ambient Air
Nobufumi Matsuo
Elimination of Boron from Silica with Solvent Extraction Using a Multistage Microchannel Device for High-Purity Source for Solar-Grade Silicon
Wei Tian
Transparent and Flexible Ultraviolet Photodetectors: from Assembly to Application
Weixin Fu
Novel Bump Bonding method using Ag nanoparticle coated Cu bump through squeegee-coatig
Mohamed B. Zakaria
Sophisticated Crystallization of Coordination Polymers and Their Thermal Conversion into Nanostructured Metals Oxides
Shanshan Cheng
Label-free detection of neuron specific enolase in human serum using antibody-immobilized field-effect transistor
Tang Jing
Layer-by-Layer Architectures of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs): Synthesis of Core-Shell ZIF-8@ZIF-67 Particles
Tomofumi Zushi
A Simulation Study of Thermoelectric Properties of Silicon Nanotubes
11:20-11:30 Break
11:30-12:20 Student presentation (II) (4 students; 12 min for each) (Chairs: Ajayan Mano, Yoon-Hyun Kim)
Yunqi Li
Polymeric Micelle System for Direct Synthesis of Hollow Mesoporous Nanoparticles
Ye Ju
Arctic mutant Aβ aggregates on CHRNA7 and suppresses its functions
Shimaa A. Abdellatef
Nanotopography Induced Alteration in the Sensitivity to a cytotoxic agent "Cisplatin".
Yoshiyuki Ogino
Experimental and theoretical approaches for complex metabolic systems of chiral thalidomide
12:20-13:20 Lunch
(12:50-13:20: NIMS introduction for students who want)*1
13:20-15:00 Student presentation (III) (8 students; 12 min for each) (Chairs: Nobufumi Matsuo, Wei Tian)
Shofarul Wustoni
Evaluation of Amyloid Sup35NM Growth Using Congo Red-Immobilized FET Biosensor
Naeem Akhtar
Design and development of nanozyme electrochemical sensor for biological molecules
Hajime Komiyama
Preparation of an ammonium from γ-zirconium phosphate by the liquid-phase deposition process
Stelian Arjoca
New design of high-brightness and high color rendering white LEDs/LDs based on Ce:(Y,Lu)3Al5O12 single crystal phosphor plates
Kazuhiko Ishikawa
The Absolute structure and optical activity of chiral amino acid crystals with two-fold screw axis
Xiuwei Fu
Czochralski Growth and Characterization of Piezoelectric LTGA Single Crystals
Hasbuna Kamila
Preparation of Bi nanowires using mesoporous silica
Yoon-Hyun Kim
Local Polarization in 2D Oxide Nanosheets and Heterostructures
15:00-16:10 Seminar (I) (Jointly with MANA Seminar)
(Chair: Prof. Kiyoshi Shimamura)
15:00-15:30 Prof. Tetsuya Osaka (Waseda Univ.)
How to move forward the future large project for research and development
15:30-15:50 Prof. Yoshiyuki Sugahara (Waseda Univ.)
Preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid materials using nanostructures
15:50-16:10 Prof. Takanobu Watanabe (Waseda Univ.)
Molecular dynamics simulation of gate dielectric thin films
16:10-16:50 Seminar (II)
(Chair: Prof. Akiyoshi Taniguchi)
16:10-16:30 Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa (NIMS)
Volatile and nonvolatile selective operation of a two-terminal gap-type atomic switch
16:30-16:50 Prof. Minoru Osada (NIMS)
Nanosheet architectonics for tailored electronics
16:50-17:40 Student presentation (IV) (4 students; 12 min for each) (Chairs: Stelian Arjoca, Tomofumi Zushi)
Masafumi Inaba
CNT/SiC Interface for Power Device Applications
Jun Liu
Polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer to improve Li2S cathode for lithium ion batteries
Nagy L. Torad
Electric Double-Layer Capacitors Based on Nitrogen-Containing Nanostructured Carbons with Well-Defined Shapes
Moongook Jeong
Electrodeposited Sn-O-C composite by controlling diffusion-layer thickness and its improvement of initial capacity to use as an anode of lithium secondary batteries
17:40 Closing Remarks by Prof. Yoshio Bando (NIMS)
(17:50-18:20: NIMS tour for students who want)*2

*1,2 If you want to attend the events for students, please let me (Yamauchi.Yusukenims.go.jp) know by 20 March, 2014.

Student presentation:

Presentation 8 min. + Discussion 4 min. (Total: 12 min.)
Only computer-based presentations (powerpoint etc) will be accepted, and no sound output equipment will be available. Please be sure to bring your own laptop computer. We ask you to bring your presentation file in USB or CD-ROM for back up as well. If you need any assistance, please let me (Yamauchi.Yusukenims.go.jp) know.

In order to maintain the schedule, you are requested to keep time allocation.
The first ring: Warning - at 3 minutes left to the end of talk
The second ring: End of talk - time for discussion
The third ring: End of presentation - time for the next speaker

Date March 24 (Mon), 9:30-17:40
Venue 1st Meeting room, Main Bld., Sengen-site, Tsukuba
Access http://www.nims.go.jp/eng/nims/office/tsukuba_sengen.html


Yusuke Yamauchi, Dr.
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics
National Institute for Materials Science
1-1, Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0044, Japan

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