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ConferenceConference 2010

IBM-NIMS symposium on characterization and manipulation at the atomic scale

Date 14 Jun, 2010 - 15 Jun, 2010
(15 Jun, 2010 Update)

The joint symposium with IBM and NIMS was held on June 14-15, 2010, at Epochal Tsukuba, Japan. We have gathered the most eminent scientists that have pioneered the fields of atom manipulation, quantum spin detection, and characterization of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. The speakers of this symposium are world-leading researchers in scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic force microscopy and scanning transmission electron microscopy.

Date June 14-15, 2010
Place Epochal Tsukuba, Japan

Participants of IBM-NIMS Symposium 2010

Participants of the IBM-NIMS Symposium

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