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AwardAward 2011

Four MANA researchers received NIMS President's Research Awards

1 Apr, 2011

Dr. Katsuhiko Ariga, Principal Invesitgator, Dr. Emiliana Fabbri, MANA Scientist, Dr. Daniele Pergolesi, MANA Scientist and Dr. Testushi Taguchi, MANA Scientist received the 6th NIMS President's Research Award on April 1, 2011. The award was given to them for the significant contributions to their research fields.

Katsuhiko Ariga

Dr. Ariga

Research Achievement Award

Dr. Katsuhiko Ariga, MANA PI
Contribution: For his outstanding accomplishments and publishing an excellent review article on supramolecular chemistry field.

D. Pergolesi and E. Fabbri

Dr. Fabbri (left) and Dr. Pergolesi (right)

Research Achievement Award

Dr. Emiliana Fabbri, MANA Scientist
Dr. Daniele Pergolesi, MANA Scientist
Contribution: For development of high performance and chemically stable oxide proton conductors.

Tetsushi Taguchi

Dr. Taguchi

Dr. Tetsushi Taguchi, MANA Scientist
Contribution: Development of tissue-adhesive materials and technology for biomedical applications.


At the award ceremony. From left to right: Dr. Taguchi, Dr. Ariga, Dr. Ushioda, NIMS President, Dr. Fabbri and Dr. Pergolesi.

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