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The surface and the interface are places where the inside and the outside of a material are connected discontinuously, and because of this singularity, new quantum phases may occur there. In addition, they are easy to manipulate from the outside world and are known to often exhibit useful functions, which are important for device applications. The goals of our group are to design and create two-dimensional quantum systems at surfaces and interfaces from atomic and molecular levels and to clarify their unknown material properties and functions. We will achieve them based on our own state-of-the-art UHV technique and nanotechnology. The current research topics include atomic-layer superconductors grown on clean silicon surfaces, bismuth atomic-layer materials, and electron conduction through diamond surfaces. We are also working on creation of new two-dimensional superconductors using the spin-orbit interaction and organic molecules.

We welcome students who wish to acquire a master or doctor degree through research activities in this group. If you are interested, please see the pages of Hokkaido-NIMS Joint Graduate Program and NIMS-University of Tsukuba Joint Graduate School linked below.


Kenta Yokota, a graduate student of Hokkaido University-NIMS Joint Program, joined our group as a NIMS junior researcher. NEW
Yosuke Sasama has received a PhD degree from Tsukuba University. Congratulations! NEW
Tomoko Kobayashi has joined our group as a secretary.  NEW
Yoshuke Sasama was selected for JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2).
Yoshuke Sasama received an Excellent Presentation Award at 32th Diamond Symposium. Congratulations!
Katsumi Nagaoka received a Best Poster Award at International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC 2019: Busan, Korea).
Taisuke Kageura joined the group as a NIMS post-doc researcher.
An original paper "Unsubstituted and Fluorinated Copper Phthalocyanine Overlayers on Si(111)-(√7 × √3)-In Surface: Adsorption Geometry, Charge Polarization, and Effects on Superconductivity" by Takashi Uchihashi and Ryuichi Arafune was published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. This is a collaborative work with Prof. Y. Yamada at Tsukuba University, Japan.
Takahide Yamaguchi gave an invited talk at "Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2019 (SBDD XXIV)" at Hasselt, Belgium.
An original paper "Structure determination of the Si(111)-√7×√3-In atomic-layer superconductor" by Takashi Uchihashi was published in Physical Review B (Rapid Communications). This is a collaborative work with Dr. Shirasawa at The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.
An original paper "High-mobility diamond field effect transistor with a monocrystalline h-BN gate dielectric" by Yosuke Sasama and Takahide Yamaguchi was published in APL Materials as a featured article.
Yosuke Sasama received an Elsevier Gold Young Scholar Award at International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials, Dobrovnik, Croatia. Congratulations!
Takashi Uchihashi gave a seminar talk at The 63rd Condensed Matter Physics Summer School.
A review paper "Two-dimensional superconductors with atomic-scale thicknesses" by Takashi Uchihashi was selected as a "Highlights of 2017" collection of Superconductor Science and Technology.
Satoru Ichinokura moved to Tokyo Institute of Technology as an assistant professor.
Shunsuke Yoshizawa was employed as an senior researcher of NIMS.
Takashi Uchihashi was appointed as a guest professor at Hokkaido-NIMS Joint Graduate Program.
Takashi Uchihashi gave an invited talk at International Colloquium “25th International Colloquium on Scanning Probe Microscopy (ICSPM25) at Atagawa, Japan.
Takashi Uchihashi gave an invited talk at International Workshop “Superconductivity in atomically thin materials and heterostructures" (SuperThin2017) at Lugano, Switzerland.
Satoru Ichinokura received the Best Poster Award at The 8th International Symposium on Surface Science (ISSS-8). This is a double-award winning together with Mr. Sumi, an internship student from Sasaki-Yamada group at Tsukuba University.
Yosuke Sasama received the Best Poster Award at Tsukuba Global Science Week 2017.
Satoru Suzuki joins the group as an internship student from Tokyo Denki University for two weeks.
An review article "Surface Atomic Layer Superconductors: Beyond Conventional Two-Dimensional Systems" by Takashi Uchihashi was published in AAPPS Bulletin (published by Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies) .
The research on supramolecular motors are introduced in NIMS NOW.
Takashi Uchihashi gave an invited talk at "Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference" (TNT2017) in Dresden, Germany.
Ryuichi Arafune, Satoru Ichinokura, and Yosuke Sasama have joined the group.
An original paper “Controlled Modification of Superconductivity in Epitaxial Atomic Layer-Organic Molecule Heterostructures” by Shunsuke Yoshizawa and Takashi Uchihashi was published in Nano Letters.
Shunsuke Yoshizawa received an Excellent Poster Presentation Award at The 10th MANA International Symposium 2017 for his presentation of "Robust Superconductivity of Atomic-Layer Indium under In-Plane Magnetic Fields".
Takashi Uchihashi and Shunsuke Yoshizawa received an Article Award from The Surface Science Society of Japan for the contribution of an introductory article "Electron Transport in Superconducting Silicon Surface Reconstructions".
A topical review article “Two-dimensional superconductors with atomic-scale thicknesses” by Takashi Uchihashi was published in Superconductor Science and Technology.
An original paper “Spin-induced anomalous magnetoresistance at the (100) surface of hydrogen-terminated diamond” by Takahide Yamaguchi was published in Physical Review B (rapid communication).
A Close-up article “Observation of Josephson Vortices using a Scanning tunneling Microscope” by Shunsuke Yoshizawa was published in the September issue of Parity (Maruzen).
Takashi Uchihashi attended “IBS Conference on Surface Atomic Wires” (Pohang, Korea) as an invited speaker.
Ludovic Goffart returned to France. Thank you for staying with us for these three months!
Takahide Yamaguchi attended “The 10th International Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons 2016” (Xi’an, China) as an invited speaker.
Ludovic Goffart joined the group as an internship student from University of Grenoble Alps.
Surface Quantum Phase Materials Group was officially started.