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About the use

Confirmation items

Public disclosure of results
  The Institute and its users shall publicly disclose the results achieved once they have finished using shared equipment. If public disclosure of all or part of the results achieved may be detrimental to your business, please contact us in advance.
  Payment shall be made once a quarter.


Independent use
  Users who have obtained a license may reserve the facilities and equipment online and personally operates the equipment.
Technical support
  The user operates the equipment with the help of an assistant. After using the equipmen with support several times, the user may obtain a license for independent use.
Technical surrogate
  An assistant operates the equipment on behalf of the user
(Please enquire in advance.)

Application process

User Registration

Please click on the "User Registration" button.
After you have registered, you will receive your "User ID" and "Password" from the secretariat by e-mail. User login>User Registration


After logging in with your ID and password, submit an application for your topic, filling out the form.
"Subject application / Support history">"New subject application"
Agree to the terms and conditions and submit a user application with the required information.


Following review of the application by the Review Committee, the applicant is notified of the outcome by e-mail.


      •Independent use with a license:
      •Without a license:
      Request for online
      Login ⇒"Request for technical support,operation training or technical surrogate"
(Cancellation is not possible on that day online.)

Use of facilities

      ①Independent use:
      Self-operating use (License-holders only)
      ②Technical support:
      Operating together with an assistant
      ③Technical surrogate:
      An assistant will operates the equipment on behalf of the user


Payment shall be made once a quarter.

Submission of report

Results must be reported in the following manner:
The secretariat requires a report online to be prepared at the end of the fiscal year.
The report should be presented on a single page of A4.


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