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Guidelines for Superconducting Magnets for Solid-State Physics


Annually operated.


Application is accepted by terms (1st term: April-June, 2nd term: July-September, 3rd term: October-December, 4th term: January-March). Application is closed 30 days before the term starts.
In the application, please indicate the number of weeks you would like to use (up to 2 weeks per term).

Request for Liquid Helium

If you require liquid helium for a cryostat for measurement, submit Liquid Helium Request Form at least 1 week prior to the first day of your Machine Time. If you are external user (non-NIMS user), no needs to apply for liquid helium for magnet cooling.
Please refer Returning Liquid Helium for the details.


Machine Time is notified to the applicants 40 days before the term starts. If your Machine Time is approved, you need to submit the confirmation form at least 1 week prior to the first day of your Machine Time.


We do not send you the further notice for the confirmation after Machine Time approval and notice. Your Machine Time will be automatically cancelled and allocated to the applicants on the waiting list if your confirmation is not submitted. A request for cancellation should be made no later than 14 days prior to the first day of your Machine Time.

The First Day of Machine Time

Before you use the magnet, please have a meeting with magnet administrator (the names are on Specification page).
When you use superconducting magnet, operation time and amount of liquid helium differ whether the helium is used decompressed under high magnetic field. If you would like to use it with decompression, please indicate the duration on your application.

Please note:
You may need decompressed helium when you use dilution refrigerator or He3cryostat system for 20T magnet under 18-20T magnetic field.

a. Before your Machine Time, Please hold a meeting with your host and magnet administrator to make sure that allocated schedule and equipment are appropriate for the magnet operation and your plan.

b. Low temperature experiment, in particular, requires the careful discussion on magnetization and liquid helium / nitrogen usage.

c. Except for Hybrid magnet and Water-cooled magnet, the administrator is not in charge of magnet operation for the individual users. User should include member be able to operate the magnet.

d. Machine Time does not always meet your requirements, if we receive a high number of applications in the same term.

e. Please ask the administrator in charge if you would like to bring in and use extra equipment.