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Returning Liquid Helium

Hybrid Magnet and 18T Superconducting Magnet users are asked to return at least 20% of Liquid Helium usage in your Machine Time.

- Hybrid Magnet

The amount used is calculated from when operation started to when the operation ended. It is measured by a liquid level gage attached with a vessel. The conversion chart is on the side of the helium vessel. If multiple vessels are used, the net amount of the liquid helium used is the amount used.

No needs to return the liquid helium used for cooling down the magnet.

- 18T Superconducting Magnet

The amount used is a decrease in a cryogenic magnetometer. A default value of the cryogenic magnetometer is set at 10 cm when Machine Time starts.
(For instance, the value was l1 cm after the operation, the amount used is 1.58 x (l0 x l1) litter.)

If liquid helium is transferred during the operation, the amount transferred is added to the net amount.

Please note:

if the magnet is quenched, the excess used for the recovery will be added to the net amount.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the details.