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Application for Superconducting Magnets for Solid-State Physics

Send the application which includes the following information via Contact Us 30 days before the term starts.
* If you apply Machine Time for more than 2 magnets, make the application by magnet.

  • Title of your research
  • Organisation
  • Name
  • Email
      You can set up multiple contacts on the application, for example, Email : sakura@nims.go.jp, sakura2@nims.go.jp
  • Phone number
  • Name of principal investigator
  • Name of NIMS host
  • Phone number of NIMS host
  • Name of magnet you wish to use
    • 20Tsuperconducting magnet I
    • 20T superconducting magnet II
    • 17T superconducting magnet
  • Term you wish to use the magnet
    • 1st term : April-June
    • 2nd term : July-September
    • 3rd term : October-December
    • 4th term : January-March
  • Number of days of required Machine Time
  • Number of days required for decompression to create a high magnetic field (if applicable)
  • Desired date for Machine Time (ex. Anytime, 10-16 June)
  • undesired date for Machine Time (ex. n/a, 10-16 June)
  • Brief research summary (should include the purpose of the research)
  • Other request