Transmission Electron Microscopes

Dedicated Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope: HD-2300C (Hitachi)
200kV, Cold-FEG, GIF Tridiem, cooling specimen holder





TEM with microcalorimeter-type EDXS: JEOL-2010 (JEOL)
Microcalorimeter, 200kV




Monochromated Double-corrected Microscope: Titan (FEI)
300kV, Schottky-gun, GIF, EDX
Monochromator, Cs-correctors for probe-forming and imaging
It has been successfully installed.




Other devices

Focused Ion Beam: FB-2000 (Hitachi)
30kV, micro sampling device
Ion milling: Gatan PIPS
5kV, CCD camera, specimen cooling device
Low-voltage ion milling: Gentle Mill(Technoorg-Linda)
0.2kV ~ 2kV
Imaging plate reader: FDL-5000 (Fuji Film)
3760x3000 pixels
Carbon Coater: VES-30T (Vacuum Device Inc.)
Desktop, TMP pump
and, other devices, such as mechanical grinding tools.