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Advanced Measurement and Characterization Technologies to Accelerate
Materials Innovation

To accelerate the innovation of materials, advanced analysis technologies holds the key to the realization of "super smart society". Our aim is to build an international research center for the development of the superior analytical techniques for advanced materials. Firstly we promote the development of the core competence techniques in the advanced materials analysis domain, and develop joint studies in connection with the research projects in NIMS and in the world. Secondly we show a mediation function between academia and industry.
Lastly, as a core organization of the national innovation system, we play a leading role of the open innovation including personnel training, research and development platform, and the international standardization in the field of advanced materials characterization.


2017.03.24 Update

The 98th AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2017.05.11
"Development of coaxial atom probe based futuristic technologies for the biomaterials imaging & signal processing"

2017.03.09 Update Events

The 96th AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2017.04.07
GaN based bulk and nanoscale Schottky diodes: Graphene as a contact material and in-situ electrical measurements

2017.03.08 Update Events

The 97th AMCP Open Seminar

Schedules 2017.04.19
Real time observation of interfacial 3D structure using X-ray diffraction

Director-General (Executive Vice President)

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Daisuke FUJITA

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